2021 Hike

Below is a list of our 2021 hikes. If you would like to assist with a hike, learn more about a hike, or lead a hike next year, please contact the lead (e-mails are below) or e-mail us at: cubeironcataract@gmail.com

We have led hikes since 2018 and in some cases, our volunteers have been leading hikes for many years. All of our hikes are within the CIC borders and there are many more than the hikes below. Please, contact us if you have ANY questions. We will be looking at planning for 2022 in late summer.

July 3rd, Vermillion Pass to Mt Headley

This hike will be one of the hikes we will be conducting with the White Bark Pine Foundation to gather potential data and information about future WBF projects.

Ridgetop hike starting at the top of Graves Cr

WBP Gorgeous views Trail #528

MWA Doug Ferrell ferrelldoug@gmail.com

July 22nd, Squayth-Kwum Creek

This hike is a gentle meander through a beautiful creek with bountiful waterfalls. This trail is located very close to Thompson Falls.

MWA  Plant ID & Flower Hike  Trail#520

Juli Thurston  juli.thurston@montana.edu

July 29th, Four Lakes Loop Trail

Popular hike to this famous lake basin in the Cube Iron Roadless Area just north of Thompson Falls.

Juli Thurston juli.thurston@montana.edu

August 22nd, Hike to Mt Silcox

Great views of Thompson Falls and the Clark Fork River on top of beautiful Mt.Silcox.

Trail #748

MWA Mark Sheets msheets@blackfoot.net

Sept 4th, Vermillion Pass to Slide Rock Mt

WBP Glorious ridge top hike Trail #529 learning about the amazing White Bark Pine.

MWA Doug Ferrell ferrelldoug@blackfoot.net

Sept 9th, Arrowhead and Duck Lakes

A beautiful, gentle backcountry trail with amazing views

MWA Juli Thurston juli.thurston@montana.edu

Sept 11th, 7 Point Mountain

Miller Cr Rd nearly to the top through Seven Point Research Natural Area learning about White Bark Pine. This hike will take place in the Cataract Roadless Area.

MWA Doug Ferrell ferrelldoug@gmail.com

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