About the Cube Iron-Cataract Area

The Cube Iron-Cataract area is located in Northwest Montana. It lies north of the Clark Fork River and the town of Thompson Falls, and stretches between the Thompson and Vermillion Rivers. You can view a map of the area, here: Cube Iron-Cataract area map. This area is mostly undeveloped backcountry and includes four Roadless Areas – Cataract, Deep Creek, Cube Iron and Sundance Ridge. It lies southeast and adjacent to the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness area and helps to provide a large and almost continuous stretch of wild country, valuable for wildlife habitat and quiet recreation.

In a region full of spectacular scenery, the CICC is a special piece of backcountry, with many attractions and hiking opportunities. The area is studded with high peaks and mountain lakes which encourage visitors to experience the joy and inspiration of our wild mountains. The CICC area also provides habitat for species like mountain goats, big horn sheep, roaming wolverines and grizzlies that favor wild areas and the security they provide. The CICC area serves as a vital connection to existing wild country in the Bitterroots, Missions and Cabinets.

The CCIS is located 1.5 hours from Missoula, Montana: 1.5 hours from Kalispell, Montana (and the Flathead Valley): 2 hours from Sandpoint, Ceour d’alene, Idaho: and 2.5 hours from Spokane, Washington.

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