About the Cube Iron/Cataract Roadless Areas

The Cube Iron-Silcox/Cataract Roadless Complex is roughly 5 milesnorth of Thompson Falls, Montana. This Back Country Area is some of the last back country opportunities on The Lolo National Forest located in Northwest Montana. The Roadless Complex stretches from the Thompson River to the south end of the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness. The easternmost reach of the complex is in the Lolo National Forest and consists of The Priscilla Peak IRA, to the Cube Iron-Silcox IRA into the Deep Creek IRA and rolls into the Kootenai National Forest with the Cataract Roadless Area.

The area is steep, jagged and remote, the perfect combination for the ultimate, uncrowded back country experience. You could literally spend 4 days hiking from Thompson Falls to the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness and not see a single other person.

The Cube Iron-Silcox/Catract Roadless Complex has pristine peaks, clean rivers, and a variety of challenging hikes. The Roadless Complex is abundant in wildlife species for those who like to site see, hunt, fish, or trap. Wildlife species include elk, big horn sheep, moose, mountain goats, wolves, foxes, grizzly and black bear, lynx, bull trout, cut throat trout to name a few.

The CCIS is located 1.5 hours from Missoula, Montana: 1.5 hours from Kalispell, Montana (and the Flathead Valley): 2 hours from Sandpoint, Ceour d’alene, Idaho: and 2.5 hours from Spokane, Washington.


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