MWA/CICC presentation (2021)

On 3/24, The CICC put on a virtual webinar with the Shining Mountains Chapter of the Montana Wilderness Association of the area. The presentation is about an hour and a half long and covers everything from a: photo tour (with descriptions of the area), info on the Lolo Forest Plan update, grizzly bear connectivity, mountain goats, wildlife habitat, recreation opportunities, and the historic Priscilla Peak Look Out.

If you are interested in watching, you can join below. It is a Zoom presentation and we’ve added the password if you’re interested. Thank you for your support.

2021 Montana Wilderness Association presentation (virtual)

We recently participated in a virtual presentation with the Montana Wilderness Association about the CICC. This presentation covers a picture show, information about the area, information on threats to the area, and a really great Q and A about everything from grizzly bears to mountain goats to wild country to The Priscilla Peak LO to everything else you can think of in the area.

You can watch our presentation below. *NOTE*: You will have to start the presentation at the 4 minute mark to skip the intro.

*You will have to start the video at the 4 minute mark!

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