2021 Projects

The CICC is currently presenting a numerous amount of hikes 2021. Some of these, (such as our walks with the Whitebark Pine Foundation) will hopefully lead to some potential projects. Members of our group will continue to lead hikes and other stewardship projects moving forward.

If you’re interested in the work we’ve done or the work we’re doing, check out our projects by year (below or in the drop down menu) and/or email us at: cubeironcataract@gmail.com. We’ll also be looking forward to potential projects for 2022 and 2023. Especially, with the Land and Water Conservation Fund being fully funded.

What’s on tap for 2021?

June 23rd, Cabin Lake Trail Clearing

Join us on a trail clearing project in the world famous 4 Lakes Basin. You will have the chance to see moose, mountain goats, bears, wolves, among other wild creatures. This is an 8 mile clearing project.

Zach Whipple-Kilmer zachcore@hotmail.com

July 10-11, Vermillion River Area Project

This is a major project combining teams from CICC, USFS, MT Conservation Corp and Plains BCH. Clear blowdown, cut brush, repair tread, have fun and get some major work done. This project will be done on the top of Vermilion Pass on trails #528 and #541. The work will also include rebuilding the trail intersection. Work will also be done on Seven Point and Slide Rock Mountain.

John Errecart jerrecart@blackfoot.net

August 14th, Cataract Trail Project

Along magical Cataract Cr, Trail #47, this trail project will be in partnership with the CICC and the Trout Creek Back Country Horsemen. We will go up as far as we can on the gorgeous Cataract Creek trail.

Doc Milham goodhorses1111@gmail.com

For information on past projects, please click on the photo below.


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